John Lichfield: Female mud-wrestling, French style

The French Left has devised a way to distract media attention away from President Nicolas Sarkozy – female mud-wrestling.

In the red corner, we have Martine Aubry, the Lille bruiser, who “won” the party’s leadership contest by 0.05 per cent of the vote. In the white corner, we have Ségolène Royal, the Poitou hellcat, who accuses her opponent’s camp of “cheating” and “stealing” victory.

No contest between the Left and Right has been fought with more invective and more dirty tricks than this riveting contest between the Centre-Left and the Centre-Left. The poisonous hatred between the two camps was apparent long before the vote of Socialist party members on Friday night split almost exactly 50-50.

The problem is not the narrowness of Friday’s vote, nor the evidence of voting irregularities. Such practises have long plagued France’s alternative “party of government”. (As one party official explained: “In the North, there are genuine members with fake cards. In the South, there are genuine cards held by fake members.”) The real problem is that personal relations between the camps have grown so venomous that a de facto schism seems inevitable. A formal split into two parties of the centre-left is unlikely in the short term. It is no longer inconceivable.

That there were irregularities in Friday’s vote is certain. The nearly 80 per cent landslide for Mme Aubry in her own fiefdom around Lille was suspicious. So were some of the “block votes” for Mme Royal in the south and in the overseas departements. Only 42 out of 134,784 votes separate the two women. A Parti Socialiste (PS) task force will sift through multiple claims of errors and fraud today before the national committee meets on Tuesday night to decide whether to ratify the result.

The argument between Mme Aubry, 58, and Mme Royal, 55, is not truly ideological. Both come from the moderate wing of the party. They are divided, partly, by their visions of the future of the PS itself. Mme Royal wants to attract a younger, mass membership. She wants – as she said – a “Facebook political party”, which the many, left-leaning young people in France could easily join and identify with. Her enemies say that she wants to create a personal fan club.

Mme Aubry, although she also speaks of a “new” party, is perfectly comfortable with a Parti Socialiste whose “masses” consist mostly of teachers and civil servants. She represents the social-democratic, managerial impulses of an ageing party leadership which does not want to lose its power.

Beyond all that, there is the personal contempt of Mme Aubry for Mme Royal (whom she sees as a bossy airhead with right-wing social instincts). And there is the deep personal contempt of Mme Royal for Mme Aubry (whom she sees as a sharp-tongued, and worse, badly-dressed dinosaur).

Even an undisputed First Secretary of the party would not have been guaranteed the centre-left presidential “nomination” in 2012. It is possible, despite her denials at the weekend, that Mme Royal will be tempted to play the martyr-messiah and create her own party. Either way, the real winners are likely to be a) President Sarkozy and b) Olivier Besancenot, the oily but plausible Trotskyist postman whose attempts to create a broad “anti-capitalist party” are gathering strength.

It used to be said that France had the “stupidest Right in the world”. In that tradition, at least, France has moved decisively to the Left.

Inside an Underground Women’s Mud Wrestling Ring in Chicago

Going to a Chicago Mud Queens match is a little like watching the Netflix show G.L.O.W., but with beer, guitars, a much bigger mess, and less sexual harassment. The league, which has been around since 2003, aims to reclaim the raw power of women’s mud wrestling, without the over-sexualized image. What started as a goofy fight among friends evolved into a legit organization that hosts indoor matches from April through October at music venues and bars throughout the city. Since 2004, the team has donated profits from their events to charity.

The provocative, witty, and aggressively skilled women who sling mud (and occasionally slime, lube, or spaghetti) at each other have earned the Mud Queens a cult following in Chicago. The biggest match of the year takes place every Halloween at Reggie’s Rock Club in Chicago’s South Loop. The mud is swapped out for fake blood (though the recipe for the slick stuff stays secret). It’s a combination of punk rock, feminism, contact sports, and activism that embodies the Windy City’s gritty, DIY ethos.

VICE checked out this year’s Halloween event with photographer Danielle Scruggs to meet the Mud Queens and get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to throw a bloody good wrestling match.

Kira Elliot, a.k.a. Brownie Bruiser

“I’ve been in Mud Queens for eight or nine years. There are a lot of reasons I do it. My favorite part is the women involved in the organization. They’re hilarious, and there is an amazing sisterhood in the group. Everybody just really enjoys each other. We all live these buttoned-up lives, and it’s cool to let loose and do something that’s off-the-charts wild and crazy. Every year, after our final show, we give a lump sum of our earnings to the Chicago Women’s Health Center. I think it’s really important to take care of people, especially women with reproductive needs. Chicago is competing against New York and Los Angeles, and there is something gritty about Mud Queens being here. It gives Chicago a bit more of an edge and reputation of being badass and hardcore.”

Erica de Marco, a.k.a. Ultimate Whorrior

“I came to Chicago alone, when I was 21 and didn’t know anybody. I came across a flyer for a Mud Queens show and texted the founder and said, ‘I want to do this. How do I get trained?’ She texted back and said, ‘We had a girl drop out. You’re on tomorrow at 7 PM.’ She put me up against one of the largest fighters, and I lost very hard. I lost every fight for the next four years straight, and it wasn’t until my fifth year that I won my first fight. It’s a really good feeling when you look out into the audience and people are cheering. It’s a feeling I’ve grown addicted to. We’re breaking stereotypes. When you think of mud wrestling, you think of girls rolling around seductively, but we bring strength to it.”

Mark Macoun, a.k.a. the Ref

“My buddy Megan wanted to do jello wrestling, but we didn’t know where to store that much jello, so we made mud. I’ve been doing this since 2003. I’ve been doing it so long that I don’t know why I would stop [laughs]. Mud Queens is unique to Chicago. We’re underground, but we’ve been around for 15 years. It has to be one of the city’s longest running shows at this point. I love the community aspect—people showing up and putting on a show together—a band of brothers and sisters, that sort of shit.”

Kim Kozak, a.k.a. El Baño

“There is nothing else like Mud Queens. It’s badass women who are taking back mud wrestling. It’s a piece of Chicago culture other cities really don’t have. It’s a grassroots effort that’s badass, crude, and brash—like the city itself. Our first show was at a birthday party in someone’s apartment, put together as a joke, but everyone had a great time. All of our friends’ bands played, and we started doing more shows from there. The first four or five were stopped by police. There were a couple times they were called for noise complaints, and the cops would stay and watch [laughs].

“I didn’t think we’d ever be allowed in a legit venue. When we were on loading docks, we had to move dumpsters and someone was scratched by a rat. It was pretty ramshackle. We never thought we would ever do a ‘real’ show. We started charging at the door to make up the money for supplies, and we ended up with more money than we knew what to do with, so we thought the best thing to do was give it to charity. The Chicago Women’s Health Center has been our charity from the start.”

Ingrid Hansen, a.k.a. Calamity Pain

“Before, there was no venue. We wrestled in warehouses or on the street. There were no real rules. We had rules for safety, but if someone’s top fell off, we weren’t in a public establishment. The costumes have gotten more intricate, and the organization itself is more organized. We’ve adapted. It was only mud in the beginning, but the founder created a recipe for blood, and we decided to use slime. The creative members of Mud Queens are always adding elements to the show.”

Carly Huizenga, a.k.a. Babe Brute

“There’s a stereotype that women aren’t as strong—that women have inner strength, but not physical strength. All of us are strong women trying to help other women. We’re all different sizes and shapes. You are welcome with us. I’m not a loud person. I’m not very confident in my normal, regular life. That is completely different when I’m wrestling. I get to push my body and express all my energy, more than when I’m just working out. After I’ve let out all that aggression, I feel calm.”

The Mud Queens are always looking for “new blood,” fresh faces, and big characters. The 2018 season is over, but wrestling will pick back up in the spring.

Wet and messy fighting

Perhaps, one of the most popular forms of female entertaining wrestling is mud wrestling in or wrestling in various liquid and semi-viscous substances, such as water, oil, mud, shaving foam, custard pudding, chocolate sauce, squirty cream, non-dairy creamer, jelly, etc. There is another popular form of wrestling in substances – coleslaw wrestling. Although coleslaw girl wrestlers remind a delicious dish with coleslaw garnish , the competitions are very real.

Wrestling in substances usually involves women who typically wear minimal clothing with the overall intention of presenting a titillating spectacle. Nevertheless, sometimes, wrestling matches in substances (especially, mud wrestling) are quite competitive.

As a matter of fact, wrestling in substances is far from being a modern entertainment. It would be adequate to list just two old traditional wrestling forms: Turkish oil wrestling Yagli Gures and Indian mud wrestling Kusti.

The very first and the most popular form of wrestling in substance is mud wrestling. In fact, this is the Western version of ancient Indian wrestling “Kusti” (for followers of Hinduism and Zoroastrism mud is kind of sacred substance). Mud wrestling first became popular in the United States in the 1980’s, and later spread worldwide. The legendary Pro Wrestling promoter Paul Boesch is credited with the invention of mud wrestling being a modification of the ancient sport of kusti. Although originally performed in bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs, mud wrestling is now a mainstream to the point where organizations have staged mud wrestling events everywhere – from parks to stadiums – for fun, competitions and charity.

There is another athletic prototype of this “combative” form – Yagli Gures, the Turkish national sport, commonly known as oil wrestling. In fact, there is usually very liitle athletic and competitive element in female wrestling in substance. However, if it exists (see for example, the videoclip “oil wrestling” below) it pretty resembles the Turkish oil wrestling. The main peculiarity of such a contest is that an opponent slips away, so special wrestling techniques are required.

Most often qualifying competitors have significant physical endowments or sex appeal. Venues for competition are usually social in nature with spectators comprised mostly of inebriated males. However, in many cases, wrestling in substances is a fling and both sides have great fun – participants and spectators.

Wrestling in substance is somehow related to the so-called “wet and messy fetish” (WAM) – a form of sexual fetishism that has a person getting aroused by substances applied on the body. It also could occur when seeing someone else getting wet and/or messy or just wet clothes, or any combination of the above. The fetish inspired the “wet T-shirt contests”, a form of beauty contest in which the participating women wear a white or light-colored T-shirt without a bra, while being sprayed with water to make their clothing semi-transparent and slinky.

Some advantages of such styles can be noticed. First, shining wet bodies look even more attractive. Then, lubrication reduces frictions of contestants’ bodies. Besides, the mud wrestling helps to hide nudity a bit.

Mud or oil wrestling matches are often held in restaurants, in clubs or outdoor. A special “ring” is installed which usually constitutes a small pool or a tub where some substance is placed. Another way – to anoint contestants’ bodies with oil before a match. Sometimes even boxing matches take place in substances (like the animation below represents). Whole WEB sites are dedicated to mud / oil wrestling, , for instance “KGB”.

One more popular form of wrestling in liquid substances is various contests in water. A lot of forms exist here. For instance, wrestling in sumo-like style on a small raft installed in the middle of a swimming pool where losers fall (sometimes even the both contestants). Another case is a “horse battle” in a reservoir where girls are struggling “horseback” sitting on the shoulders of their partners (of either sex) and trying to take their opponents down into the water. Even underwater wrestling exists (with aqualungs and even without them). Female battle in reservoir is a popular subject in movies. On a DWW festival two girls engaged in impressive wrestling match in a small pond. In our opinion the shot of the match is one of the best among photographs devoted to women and sports.

It’s easy to wrestle being in water, it’s an excellent shock absorber, and it makes wrestling more soft and pleasant. To complete the picture we can also consider wrestling in sand, which is a popular fun; represented in movies as well. Such a wrestling match is described in the story “Bout under the moon” on this site.

Such matches usually go half in jest and they always have some element of confusion, which contributes additional flavor to female wrestling matches.

Sex has become one of the most important parts of the life. Nowadays, most of the people want to improve sex life. There are thousands of drugs are available in the market that will add some spice to your life. Make sure that you are giving everything to your partner. However, if you are suffering from any anxiety disorder, then sex can be an ideal option for you.

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sex life

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