What is mud wrestling?

Mud wrestling is the latest madness! It involves two beautiful female wrestlers getting into an arena full of mud and fight it out for your entertainment! The mud wrestling is an erotic show, not an actual fight! General security is a top priority, no one is injured during the wrestling.

Is Mud Wrestling a Sport?

Mud wrestling is not an actual sport. It appears that mud wrestling is mostly limited to fraternity houses, bars, hillbilly backyards, outdoor rock concerts, and occasional fishing trips gone bad.

How mud wrestling works?

Mud wrestling is one of the most straightforward activities you can imagine. The name says it all – it’s about wrestling in an arena full of mud! Obviously you don’t want to be the ones to get all messy, so it’s even better if you add two beautiful girls in light clothing to fight in the mud for you.

Is mud wrestling an erotic show?

Yes, mud wrestling is an erotic show and not a real-life fighting match, so none of the participants gets injured. This means that while you won’t see bruises and blood during the rounds, our wrestlers put up a great show akin to classic american pro wrestling.

What are the mechanics?

Every match consists of two rounds of wrestling, and each round is 15-20 minutes long. Of course, if you feel like you would be up for watching more of this mud-slinging madness, you can choose to ask for more rounds as long as the timetable allows it!