“I didn’t have sexual relations with my partner for several months because it became so boring. But after watching the videos in this site, it made me realize that there’s more than many¬† ways in doing sex. I love it!”

-Alexa Grand

“I can now put things into perspective. I understood that I had to be dirty (literally) more and less complaining. For that purpose, this site gave me ideas on how to do it real outside, on the mud, having sex for hours. I use a gel though to hydrate my vagina every now and then because the mud sometimes get in and gets thick inside.”

-Amanda Willis

“I remember the first video I ever watched in this site: a three-way between people covered in mud! There was even a scene where the sex toy was used efficiently despite the mud and it gave me the idea on what to do outside when we’re horny. Thank you so much!”

-Robin Schmitz

“It never occurred to me that anyone can have sex in mud. This site taught me so much and it greatly helped our sex life, along with my partner(s) lol. My husband complained about it at first but eventually, he liked it more than I do. ”

-Haley Summers