Wrestling’s Awesome Health Benefits

All types of sports have a lot of benefits, and wrestling is no different. This sport has been around for ages, and it is only growing in popularity, especially in the United States. While there is a performance element to it at times, it could also improve not only your body but your mind too.

Mental Benefits of Wrestling

Something that is often overlooked when it comes to wrestling is that it is not only about getting your body into shape but your mind too. Wrestlers, like many athletes, are focused and in the moment. Everything surrounding the ring should be like a blur with muted sound.

The reasoning behind this focus is that wrestlers have to react quickly while performing calculated motions. It is through this that many of them sharpen their minds. Plus, their mental health could also improve. They learn self-discipline, self-resilience, as well as get a boost in confidence while they are training and living the wrestler’s lifestyle.

Wrestling also encourages sportsmanship. This sport encourages respect for other wrestlers even if you lose. This is the purpose of it regardless of what sports news may sometimes tell you. Therefore, wrestling is more of a team sport than the media leads us to believe.

Full-Body Workout

Another great thing about wrestling is that it is a full-body workout. As any physical education teacher will tell you, embracing a full-body workout routine is more beneficial than only focusing on certain body parts.

During wrestling training, you are using your entire body to fight. This means that you are pushing, pulling, and moving your body all over the place, getting a superb workout. Plus, this can lead to a balanced body where you will not experience any pain. The pain usually comes from a fairly inadequate training routine. Plus, you will discover muscles you never knew you had or awaken those that have been “asleep” for a long time.

Men’s health is not only about getting a good-looking body but about getting a healthy and well-balanced one too. Doing a full-body workout can also improve your blood pressure, which can help you live a longer and healthier life.


While a full-body workout is great, it will not go far without a healthy dose of cardio. It gets your heart racing. Moreover, wrestling provides you with a cardio routine that is not boring. Wrestling training often involves high-intensity alternatives to boring cardio exercises.

Every sportsperson includes cardio in their training. It is one of the main ways to increase your fitness levels as well as burn fat. Different types of sports may require different amounts of it. For example, there is less cardio when a golfer is playing the Augusta National. However, they are still walking, which is a slower type of cardio. Even horse racing involves some amount of cardio.

Players in the Premier League would have to do a lot of cardio when compared to the previously mentioned sports. The same would go for baseball and anything that involves running.

So it is not a surprise that wrestling is a great cardio exercise. However, it could be seen as somewhat in between the examples we have mentioned above. So you can enjoy wrestling while warding off heart disease.

Increased Strength and Endurance

When you work out regularly, you see progress in terms of fitness, strength, endurance, and even weight loss. This can be noticed a lot more in wrestling training. You will improve your strength due to the intense sessions of working out. Therefore, you will also notice an increase in the speed of your movements as well as the power behind them.

Plus, your cardiovascular endurance will also increase. Other than that, your lung capacity will also get heightened, which can lead to having a healthier heart. This is because your heart will work harder to pump oxygen and blood targeting your muscles. Therefore, your heart will get stronger since it will have to pump to get blood to a lot of different muscle groups that you use while you train.

Another advantage to wrestling is that you are less likely to get out of breath on a run or when doing anything strenuous. Also, it will be easier to do any other type of workout that you want to take on outside of wrestling.

Increased Calorie Burn

When you work out, you burn calories. However, with wrestling, you will burn them off even faster. This can mean that the amount that you burn is higher than what you consume. Wrestlers can burn about 400 calories in a match that is six minutes long.

After the match, your body still experiences a high metabolic rate. Therefore, you can burn off calories long after the match has ended. So if you’re looking for a fat-burning activity, wrestling is a great choice.


Wrestling also encourages people to have adequate sleep schedules to regain their energy. Plus, wrestlers need to create a dedicated and stable routine. This can include healthy eating as well as sticking to their workout sessions and routines. So wrestling can help you create a healthy everyday routine that will make you feel great.

This is what can give you the sense that your mental, physical, and even spiritual states are improving. You will be able to sleep better, achieve more, and look forward to the time ahead. Wrestling can improve so many aspects of your life outside the ring, which leads us to the next part.

Wrestler’s Lifestyle

Many wrestlers often opt to extend their training outside of their usual workout sessions. This could include cardio or weight lifting. Plus, if you have a clear goal, then you may be less likely to eat terrible late-night snacks, which are bad for your health and physique. Instead, your body will start to crave body-nourishing foods and a lot of water.

You would have to adopt a rich nutrient diet so that you have enough energy to get you through the training sessions. This is what gives your body power. It can lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Final Word

Wrestling has many health benefits outside of building strength. It could help you become a fitter and happier person who enjoys life to the fullest. Your body will be stronger and more balanced, but so will your mind. We strongly encourage you to try it — you won’t regret it!